Sunday, 11 December 2011

Oh ferchissake!

Turns out the bunched panty crowd now has an issue with backpacks. They think the idea of carrying around 10 to 20% of ones body weight is somehow detrimental. Well, I guess we have to make sure America's children need to be ensured the softest possible life.

Backpackers typically carry 30% of their bodyweight for 20 to 25 miles a day, for weeks on end, and they do it or fun. I doubt that 10 to 20% is much of a problem.

Lynn White...tried to pick up her son's middle-school backpack..."I thought 'Oh my gosh, I can't even put this on the table,' " For Christ's Sake, Lady, hit the damn gym. I don't mean Jazzercise, I mean start pushing some heavy metal around.

I found the tidbit that it was the overweight, inactive kids that tended to have back pain. In fact, I seem to recall that about 30% of American school kids are technically overweight, 30% of the kids in the article suffered back pain, and that the study showed a large overlap between those two groups.

Oh, and there were 247 kids were hurt in backpack related incidents. 247 out of 10 bazillion kids. Fuck gettin' meth of the streets! It's obvious that something has to be done about the menace of book carrying gear!!

So let me get this straight. Americas schools are falling behind, and something has to be done. Making the school day longer, or eliminating summer vacation is right out, so teachers assign more homework. Now the goddamn blissninnies are bitching that their kids get too much homework, and it's hurting their backs?

It's the fat kids that have trouble with backpacks, and it's likely that those same fat kids are the ones sitting in front of the tube until their brains run out their ears. I see only one solution; More Weight. If we can't get the fat fucks to work out, we'll work em in the hunded yards between the bus and the fucking Playstation. 100% bodyweight, here we come.

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