Sunday, 11 December 2011

African humour....

Monkey is sitting in the tree pulling on a joint he has just lit, when Lizard arrives there. Lizard says: "What you doing, Monkey?"

Monkey says: "I'm smoking some zol. Come up and have some." Lizard climbs up the tree, sits next to Monkey, takes the joint from him and has a few pulls. After a while, Lizard says he is thirsty and Monkey advises him to go down to the river and have a drink, Lizard does this, but he is so goofed already, that he moers into the water and is quickly whisked away by the current.

Crocodile sees he is in trouble, swims over and gently scoops Lizard onto his snout and swims back to shore with him. As he puts him down on the bank, Crocodile says to Lizard: "You look a bit funny. What's wrong with you?" Lizard says he and Monkey have been smoking zol. Crocodile says: "This I want to see for myself!".

He scuttles up the bank and through the bush to the tree where Monkey is still sitting. Crocodile calls up to Monkey and says: "Hey Monkey, what you doing?" Monkey, who is now totally goofed, peers down at Crocodile through hazy eyes and slowly says:

"Bro', how much water did you drink?"

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